Daily Living CentersThe Daily Living Centers Transportation Program provides the Frail Elderly and Developmentally Disabled Individuals between the ages of 18 and 110 years of age who are living independently in the Metro Oklahoma City service area. The focus of the transportation program is to help low-income individuals remain independent in the community by providing transportation services to essential venues for their quality of life and mental and physical health. The transportation will be offered Monday through Friday and services are provided free of charge.

Limousine transportation is available within our service areas. Limousines are used because of the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle, with or without assistance. Wheelchair accessible vans are available for use by participants.

Additional Transportation Services

Did you know ½ of Americans ages 65 and older do not have access to public transportation? A nationwide analysis of public transportation by the Brookings Institute shows Oklahoma City ranking 84th out of 100 metropolitan areas in serving the transit needs of its population.


Transportation is crucial to ensure that our elderly and disabled citizens can continue with their much needed medical care, grocery shopping and personal needs. Many older people, who do not drive, must rely on family and friends to provide much of the transportation. But for others, it is necessary to find community resources to provide transportation, as this vital support service may be their only connection to the outside world.

Please call our transportation department to arrange for your appointment needs at (405) 792-2401.


Overnight Respite Program offers temporary overnight care for families who need a break from the continuous demands of caring for a family member. Families can be assured of a safe, comfortable, homelike and caring environment for their loved one. Transportation will be provided to the over-night nursing home facility and participant will be picked back up the mornings to return to our Centers.


Daily Living Centers

Caregiver Support

Monthly Caregivers Meeting
Last Tuesday of Every Month
6:30 pm

RSVP to Latosha Lornes at (405) 792-2401

At the end of the day being a caregiver is one of the largest and most generous acts of love you can give or show. Caregiving is stressful, and often unpredictable, sad and expensive. But, taking responsibility for your health, safety and happiness needs to be a priority for your own health and well-being. It is important for caregivers to take a break. The Daily Living Centers is an invaluable resource in helping families eliminate worry, reduce stress and reestablish personal freedom.


The Daily Living Centers employ ADvantage Case Managers who assess, monitor and evaluate low-income seniors living in the community to make informed decisions about their care and encourage them to move towards progressive independence and remain safe and healthy at home.

ADvantage Case Managers work to fill gaps in service and foster coordination of resources. They work in collaboration with nurses, nonprofits, businesses and other service providers to make sure needs are being fully met.

To be eligible for the ADvantage waiver program, a person must:

  • Must qualify financially for SoonerCare
  • Be 65 years of age or be a disabled adult as determined by the Social Security Administration
  • Be determined to meet the Nursing Facility institutional level of care by nursing staff of Aging Services Division.
  • Not have a diagnosis of mental retardation or have a cognitive impairment.
  • Reside in his or her own home or family member's home.
  • Have needs that can be safely met with waiver services and family or community supports.

The ADvantage Program is designed to support, not replace, family or other informal support or assistance, and to aide and enhance the family or caregiver’s ability to provide care for their loved one. The purpose is to empower individuals to assume responsibility for decisions that affect their lives and to assist, complement, or create informal and formal support systems that enhance independence in the least restrictive setting possible.

To apply for the ADvantage Waiver Program or for more information contact:

Lavone Anderson, Director of ADvantage Case Managers @ 405.792.2401

- or -

OKDHS Medicaid ADvantage Program

(918) 933-4900
(800) 435-4711

Who We Are

Daily Living Centers

The Daily Living Center has a total of four facilities which serve Oklahoma City and surrounding metro areas. The centers average 145 individuals per day. We are committed to providing the highest quality day health care in providing opportunities for social interaction and medical monitoring to those who may require a more structured and protective environment. Our adult day health care programs are here to help by offering the following services:

  • Door-to-door Limousine and Van Transportation
  • Support Groups for Caregivers
  • Cost-effective alternative to nursing homes
  • Crafts, Games & Contests
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hydro-massage Whirlpool Bathing
  • Socialization 
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Promote self-efficacy
  • ADvantage Case Management
  • 4 Convenient Locations (Edmond, Bethany, South Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma City)
The Daily Living Center provides adult day health care services 6 days a week. The cost varies based on participants unique circumstances. Participants may attend a minimum of 1 day per week, but most attend an average of 3-5 days per week. All four DLC locations have programs designed to provide a variety of activities including those needing special attention. Scholarships are available to those needing financial assistance, nobody is ever turned away due to lack of financial resources.

We offer specially designed whirlpool bathing with hydro-massage:

Participants - $10 per bath
Non-participants - $15 per bath